Support UnderArmour / Support our Veterans

This is quite a bit off topic for the technology posts I usually do but its a subject very important to me personally.   I have had the wonderful experience of getting a lot of exposure to the brave men and women coming back from our military actions abroad.   Aside from having some very dear friends who are overseas (both in the regular military and reserves), I meet them at industry events, in airports, and everywhere I can.   Their commitment, stories, and personal sacrifice can be a soul-shattering event if you take the time to speak with them.  It will renew your faith in our future, I promise you!

This level of commitment is not just limited to the United States either.  I had a wonderful experience speaking to a wounded veteran in London at Data Center Dynamics event just a few weeks ago.  He was just outside my hotel in Piccadilly.  He had been injured in Basra and it was very interesting to listen to his story.   After I thanked him for his service, he looked at me like he thought I was just some crazy American, but he did shake my hand in response.

While I typically try to show my support in small ways (buying them lunch or breakfast, giving up my seat in first class for a serviceman, or any host of other small things), I was recently moved by what UnderArmour is doing for these brave men and women and felt that I should in whatever small way this blog can, support their efforts.

UnderArmour is supporting the ‘Wounded Warrior’ Project, which assists our veterans and their families, by creating a line of clothing with proceeds going to help these families out.  You can bet that if you happen to see me walking around you might just see me some of the UnderArmour Wounded Warrior Clothing Line.  I know times are tough but if you do have some extra income, this is a great investment.


I am not sure if this program extends to our British allies but it should.    I applaud UnderArmour for this effort and they can count on my continued business.


Author: mmanos

Infrastructure at Scale Technologist and Cloud Aficionado.

One thought on “Support UnderArmour / Support our Veterans”

  1. Michael,
    I was quite surprised to see you wearing a poppy on stage for your talks in London. I struck me interesting that here is an American wearing a Poppy on Rememberance Day. Especially in comparison to many of our own native speakers who went poppy-less.


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