It’s a Re-launch of–Now Play games on your computer or phone!


Today we re-launched Games.Com with a specific focus on cross-platform related play.   With over 5000 HTML5 based games that can be played on your phone or via a traditional web browser.   The interface was re-designed to be much cleaner with a focus on being able to search for games easily, play them and even share!  Additionally we have added a lot of other great goodies such as the ability to see your gaming history, earn badges and points, and the introduction of a new rankings system via our new Social Bar. 

With the large immigration of gamers moving to multiple platforms and the huge increase in mobile gaming this new re-launch helps position us for the future!

The engineering teams worked tirelessly for weeks to prepare the site for its new look and capabilities and I for one am extremely proud of the work that they have done.   

This is only the first of a few exciting announcements this month, so stay tuned for some other great products.

If you have an inkling or some downtime to play a game, give it a try at See you on the Leaderboard!