Speaking at CTIA ‘Mobile Business Conference’ Event Oct. 6-8


I will be back in San Francisco to speak at the CTIA’s Mobile Business Conference from October 6th through the 8th.    I will be on a panel discussing ‘Embracing the Cloud’.   My Hope in these talks is to continue to highlight the coming impacts of the use of hand-held technologies on a global basis, its intersection with personal usage and the ultimate technology challenges that this poses.  If you are in the area or looking to attend – Would love to connect.




Speaking at GIGAOM Mobilize Event Sept 30, 2010




For those of you in the San Francisco area I will be speaking on the emergence of technology at the interaction and intersection of broadband applications and 4G Networks at the Mobilize Conference.  

Increasingly people are using their phones, tablets, IPads, and other hand held devices to do more and more.  The interaction of users, the growing social interconnectedness, and location based services offered with this technology set is definitely making this the next technology battleground to solve some really challenging issues.   So Excited…


Its called the new job lag….

It has been a bit more than 2 months since I made a post on my beloved Loosebolts blog.  To my active and loyal readers, a sincere apology from me personally.   As many of you know I recently took a new role with Nokia running their global service operations.   Its been an amazing experience and there are a lot of really great things going on there that I am sure will come to light in the weeks and months to come.   Unfortunately, for a new person coming in, there is a lot of stuff to do.  Learn the company, learn the culture, learn your organization, figure out what is right, figure out what you might want to improve upon, and generally start over.   I am now starting to come up for air and have more time to reflect on many of the things I see in the industry at large and get back to being my normal ornery self. 

To prove it I posted a link to some of my data center patents in the ABOUT Page here on the site. There are a few more going through the process right now but adding a link shows intent doesn’t it?  🙂

Looking forward to re-engaging…



Rolling Clouds – My Move into the Mobile Cloud

As many of you saw in my last note, I have officially left Digital Realty Trust to address some personal things.   While I get those things in order I am not sitting idling by.   I am extremely happy to announce that I have taken a role at Nokia as their VP of Service Operations.  In this role I will have global responsibility for the strategy, operation and run of infrastructure aspects for Nokia’s new cloud and mobile services platforms.

Its an incredibly exciting role especially when you think of the fact that the number of mobile hand-held’s around the world are increasingly becoming the interface by which people are consuming information.  Whether that be Navigation-based applications or other content related platforms your phone is becoming your gateway to the world. 

I am also very excited by the fact that there are some fierce competitors in this space as well.  Once again I will be donning my armor and doing battle with my friends at Google.   Their Droid platform is definitely interesting and it will be interesting to see how that develops.  I have a great amount of respect for Urs Hoelze and their cloud platform is something I am fairly familiar with .  I will also be doing battle with the folks from Apple (and interestingly my good friend Olivier Sanche).  Apple definitely has the high end hand-held market here in the US, but its experience in Cloud platforms and operations is not very sophisticated just yet.  On some levels I guess I am even competing against the infrastructure and facilities I built out at Microsoft at least as it relates to the mobile world.  Those are some meaty competitors and as you have seen before, I love a good fight.

In my opinion, Nokia has some very interesting characteristics that position it extremely well if not atop the fray in this space.   First there is no arguing about Nokia penetration of hand-held devices across the world.  Especially in markets like India, China, South America, and other emerging Internet-using populations.    Additionally these emerging economies are skipping past ground-based wired technologies to wireless connectivity.   As a result of that, Nokia has an incredible presence already in those markets.   Their OVI platform today already has a significant population of users (measured at least in the 10s of millions) and so scale at the outset is definitely there.    When I think about the challenge that Google has in getting device penetration out there, or Apples high-end (and mostly US) only approach you can see the opportunity.    I am extremely excited to get going.

Hope you will join me for an incredible ride!