A Well Deserved Congratulations to Microsoft Dublin DC Launch

Today Microsoft announced the launch of their premier flagship data center facility in Dublin, Ireland.  This is a huge achievement in many ways and from many angles.    While there are those who will try and compare this facility to other ‘Chiller-less’ facilities, I can assure you this facility is unique in so many ways.   But that is a story for others to tell over time.

I wanted to personally congratulate the teams responsible for delivering this marvel and acknowledge the incredible amount of work in design, engineering, and construction to make this a reality.  To Arne, and the rest of my old team at Microsoft in DCS – Way to go! 


PS – I bet there is much crying and gnashing of teeth as the unofficial Limerick collection will now come to a close.  But here is a final one from me:


A Data Centre from a charming green field did grow,

With energy and server lights did it glow

Through the lifting morning fog,

An electrical Tir Na Nog,

To its valiant team – Way to Go!

Author: mmanos

Infrastructure at Scale Technologist and Cloud Aficionado.

2 thoughts on “A Well Deserved Congratulations to Microsoft Dublin DC Launch”

  1. There once was a tech from our colo,
    Who floated to Dublin with Bono.
    Both servers and pints,
    Warm yet still five nines?
    His need for some ice drove him loco.

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

    1. See this is how it starts,
      a rhyme with word in parts,
      the next thing you know
      your rhyming will flow
      and the fun you will have is off the charts.


      Seriously – given experience here – these get funnier and raunchier and i am glad the actual Limerick vault was sealed under the earth.

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