Generation 4 – A deeper look

Christian Belady (Our Principal Power and Cooling Architect) and David Gauthier  (One of our Data Center Engineering teams) put a post up answering some of the many questions we have been getting around our Generation 4 Approach.  Its some good additional primer information and addresses some of the recurring themes we are getting in mail.

Check out their joint blog at :

There is also a good video interview of them here.


Author: mmanos

Infrastructure at Scale Technologist and Cloud Aficionado.

3 thoughts on “Generation 4 – A deeper look”

  1. Michael,

    I like everyone else really appreciate MS/GFS being so open about their G4 architecture. And having attended PDC2008 it was likewise great to learn all about Windows Azure and .NET Services.

    However, between those two layers in the overall MS cloud stack lies Cutler & Co.’s baby – an Azure ‘Layer 0’ of some sort – but there seems to be a relatively ‘cloud’ of silence around exactly what that architecture looks like and how it delivers on Microsoft and Azure’s reliability assurances.

    As another ex-DEC guy, I know Dave doesn’t ‘do’ media events or talk publicly about what he’s up to, but I think it would be a good idea for MS/GFS to start considering how you might back up Azure reliability claims with a technical overview of its ‘Layer 0’ architecture in the same way you are providing such similar for your G4 datacenters.

    I do understand, though, there is more IP to be protected with Azure ‘Layer 0’ then with the G4 architecture, as any G4 implementation is dependent on many component vendors, but still – couldn’t you guys throw us a bone or two here…?

  2. Mr. Manos,
    What does MS do with all is decomed data center gear? Environmental reselling it could be a huge revenue stream. I know of other Tech companies generating millions per year. With the size of MS that could be tens of millions per year. Thanks


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